Double-wall pipe connections 23 مهر 1396

Double-wall pipe connections

Different mechanical or thermal fitting methods  for pipe installation : Mechanical connection with coupler and...

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Eclipse emitters and their symptoms

Eclipse emitters and their symptoms reasons are listed below : Physical cramp Biological cramp Chemical...

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Spare Parts 4 مرداد 1396

Spare Parts

This service contains send spare parts and repairments in the shortest time possible.

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Installation 4 مرداد 1396


For more information contact Baarinco after sale services. 02632774189 - 02632773025

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Calibration 4 مرداد 1396


Baarinco Industrial Group Quality Assurance Unit invites all welding and cutting equipment holders to use...

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Repair and Maintenance 4 مرداد 1396

Repair and Maintenance

Baarinco Quality Assurance Unit suggests “With better preventive maintenance which means having scheduled maintenance, you...

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Warranty 4 مرداد 1396


By having a golden warranty card it is possible to increase warranty time. For more...

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Projects 4 مرداد 1396


Baarinco produces : Polyethylene welding machines with welding capability from 32 to 1200 mm Angled...

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PVC pipe for well 4 مرداد 1396

PVC pipe for well

PVC Pipe For Well is used to provide agricultural water, mineral water well walls, isolation...

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