PVC papers

Building industry PVCs 23 مهر 1396

Building industry PVCs

Building industry PVCs are lighter than concrete, iron and steel. Some specification of the PVCs...

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30 PVC pipes 23 مهر 1396

30 PVC pipes

Some specifications of 30 PVC pipes are listed below: Human Resources and Operator Skills To...

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Categories Of Stabilizers 23 مهر 1396

Categories Of Stabilizers

Stabilizers categories are : Practical Chemical Physical

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Stabilizers 23 مهر 1396


Some specifications of the stabilizer are : CAS: 56189-09-4 formula: C36H70O4Pb linear formula: [CH3 (CH2)...

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PVC 23 مهر 1396


PVC is getting used in : building, food and Pharmaceutical Industries 40% of energy saving...

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